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Hire a Screenwriter

Hire a professional writer to write your feature / short script! We even do stageplays & teleplays!

  • 1 hour
  • $16.50/10 pages
  • Online

Service Description

With this option, you can hire a professional screenwriter to write a personalized screenplay just for you! - adapted directly and with care from your own characters, ideas, and outline. We charge per page of script technically, but for this particular service we like to present the price ratio as a charge per TEN pages - for the sake of convenience and easy math. Some details: - A 10-page short film script would be $16.50. - Generally, the price of an average-length screenplay from us - general consensus says that's 80 pages or so - goes for $129.99 (just $1.65 per page!). The hour-long appointment will be used to discuss the story, characters, genre, and outline of your beloved story, and to help fill our writer in on how best to bring your vision to life! :)

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