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Landscape with Animals


We can compose anything you need, and in any genre, from sentimental indie, to pulse-pounding action, to orchestral period piece, to bone-chilling horror.

Are you in need of a score for your short or feature film? Look no further. Our talented team of composers can create the perfect music to enhance your project.


BOOK ONLINE today to see how we can help bring your film's soundtrack to the next level.

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Our Sample Tracks!

Below are a hand-picked selection of our composers' finest works, to give you an idea of our quality and professional sound. Our tracks are scattered across numerous genres. Keep playing these tracks until you find a sound that you like, or that fits your needs - then contact us, and we'll whip you up a custom composition (or set of compositions) that sounds just like it.

Shiny Abstract Texture
Desert in Dark

Our Hand-Picked Favorites

These are just our top picks! A plethora of other score content can be found on the official Phoenix Fire YouTube channel.

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