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Screenwriting Services

Welcome to our screenwriting services module! Here at Phoenix Fire, we offer you screenplays, short films scripts, stageplays, teleplays - any script format to suit your story needs.

You can submit an outline to us, which we will use to write your script exactly as you envision it - OR you can ask us to create a custom, original story for you, from the mind of one of our writers.

BOOK ONLINE today to see how you can receive a custom script written just for you, by professional writers.

A great script is absolutely essential, perhaps the essential thing for a movie to succeed.


Our Scripts


Our top picks include some of our finest works to date from our top writers. If you click on one of these four, you'll be able to view a sample of the writing to judge it for yourself!

Parallel Lines


Black Background


As mentioned above, we write custom stageplays! A stageplay is a script specifically written for the stage, such as plays or musicals.


Here's a stageplay sample for Goodbye Corbin Blue, Ryan Elias Baker's original musical which he also composed. (Click here to view sample.)

Black Background

Teleplay Example

We write custom teleplays as well! A teleplay is a TV script, for episodic works, such as a TV pilot.

Here's a teleplay sample for the pilot episode of Nightman, one of our writers' works. The content is heavy and R-rated, as stories can sometimes be, so it has been censored for tasteful presentation (Click here to view sample.)


Our Screenwriting Team

Meet the team! It's, erm...sparse at the moment. But, as Hank Schrader would say - the cavalry's coming.

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