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The CEO & Founder

Ryan Elias Baker

A Word From

Dear Visitor,

Howdy! My name is Ryan Elias Baker, and I am the CEO and founder of Phoenix Fire Productions LLC, and also the sole graphic designer of this entire website. Pleased to make your acquaintance.

My entire life I've loved films. They gave me hope when hope was gone, and they gave me strength to carry on in my darkest of times. The characters and stories I witnessed over the years of my early youth swirled together in my head to inspire hope within me; and slowly these same characters and stories that I had come to admire became me in very essence.

But film isn't the only medium I came to fall in love with. So many different people are realized by so many different mediums. And I ultimately realized that what I was in love with wasn't just film - but STORY itself.


STORY is what has survived through the eons. It's kept us together. Spoken to us. It's even saved lives, human lives, with its moving, inspirational power. I've seen that.


It means everything to so many people and is fundamentally crucial, whether realized by the masses or not, for the sanctity and betterment of the human soul.

With my company Phoenix Fire, which I've painstakingly created from the ground up, I seek to help others' visions for their stories come true. Our stories are not realized without the greatest of care and the greatest of dedication, and this is what I promise to any and all of my visitors that have that burning desire to tell that one story - that I will use my skills to help bring their visions to life, and that I will do it with love.

From one desperate, yearning storyteller to another, know this - that story doesn't have to stay in your head.


Let us, finally, bring your tale to life.

Yours truly,

Ryan Elias Baker, CEO

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